Writing the Difficult Topic Handling Grief, Pain, Trauma and Recovery in Fiction and Nonfiction

Personal pain, whether tackled in memoir, essay, or in a fictionalized account, is a tricky topic for many writers. How do you keep the narrative measured and readable without being melodramatic or sacrificing emotional punch?

Three literary magazine editors who have all also published work on trauma, share tips and insights for what works and what doesn’t in this area of writing. Topics discussed will be grief, medical trauma, sexual assault survival, military experiences and PTSD, childhood trauma, and social justice issues.

In addition to wisdom we’ve gained working with submissions at our magazines, we will present examples of writers we feel are masters at the art of trauma writing. There will be ample time left for questions.

The intended audience is anyone with a difficult story to tell, whether memoirist, essayist, or fiction writer.

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere of openness and honesty where the writer can begin to move from writing as a personal therapeutic act, to writing works that have meaning for the larger community.

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Location: 311 Date: April 22, 2017 Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am Emily Rich Jen Grow Jerri Bell