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April 5, 2014. Washington, DC.

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Want to write better? Want to get published? Attending pricey, academic-style, lecture-hall writer's conferences won't quite get you there, no matter how good the bagels are. Here's what will: a comfortable, congenial environment where you can meet other writers, editors and publishers. You need to speak with the people who make editorial decisions, as well as with others who are trying to perfect their craft, just like you.

You'll find this at Conversations & Connections, a conference devoted to giving you practical advice on getting published.

Conversations and Connections is a one-day writer's conference organized by Barrelhouse magazine and sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University Master of Arts in Writing program. This year's keynote is award winning writer Marisa de los Santos.

Since 2007, Conversations and Connections has provided a friendly and supportive environment where writers can connect with other writers and editors. We've been lucky to have accomplished writers like Mary Gaitskill, Stewart O' Nan, Matthea Harvey, Steve Almond, J. Robert Lennon, Sam Lipsyte, Fiona McCrae, and others as our keynote speakers.


Best session line-up of any conference I've attended.
* * *
Speed dating was the best use of my time and money at a conference in a long time. Keep doing it! Plus, the free book and journal subscription are very much appreciated -- this alone lets us writers know that you have our best interests at heart -- You get it. Priceless!
* * *
Speed dating with editors is invaluable. Right now this is what I need most: direct feedback from experts about my writing. Thanks for providing this opportunity!
* * *
I thought everything ran extremely well, Sessions started and ended on time. There were good selections to choose from, and there were lots of freebies for a very low cost.


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April 5, 2014

Starting at 9:00 AM


Washington, DC

1740 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036


8:30--9:00 Registration
9:00--9:15 Welcome
9:30--10:30 Panel Session 1
10:45--11:45 Panel Session 2
Noon--1:45 Speed Dating, Book Signings, Lunch
1:45--3:15 Keynote: Marissa de los Santos
3:30--4:30 Panel Session 3
4:45--6:00 Boxed Wine Happy Hour, Book signings, General merriment

PANEL SESSION 1: 9:30--10:30
Flash Evolution: The Flash Novella (Laura Ellen Scott, Tara Laskowski, Erin Fitzgerald)
Is a Low-Residency MFA Right for Me?
Get Off Your Ass and Write: Stop Making Excuses and Start Being Productive (Rosalia Scalia)
Faking It: Writing About a Culture That's Not Your Own (Andria Cole, Susan Muaddi Darraj)
Hand Crafted: Writing and Publishing Chapbooks (Dan Brady, Justin Marks, Mark Cugini, Kimberly Ann Southwick, Paulette Beete)

PANEL SESSION 2: 10:45--11:45
Inside the Editor's Desk Drawer: What Makes the Final Cut and What Doesn't (Julie Wakeman-Linn, Mark Drew, Kendra Kopelke, John Wang, Travis Kurowski)
Who's Talking?: Point of View in Fiction (Geoffrey Becker, Leslie Pietrzyk)
Down Which Mean Streets? (Art Taylor, Nik Korpon, Steve Weddle, Tara Laskowski)
Let's Make Stuff Together: Collaboration in Writing
Experimental Forms in Nonfiction (Marissa Landrigan, Sheila Squillante, Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson)
The chemistry of the poetic line: Line Breaks and Poetry (Jim Warner)

PANEL SESSION 3: 3:30 -- 4:30
Sentence Power (Ed Perlman)
Think Small: Working with a Small Poetry Press (Brian Fanelli, Dawn Leas)
Is Fiction Dead?: The Rise of Creative Nonfiction (Cathy Alter, Tim Wendel)
The Art and Necessity of Practice (Beth Konkoski)
Writing is Revision (Dave Housley, D Foy, Rae Bryant, Ben Tanzer, Jessica Anya Blau)


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