• Here’s the full schedule for Conversations and Connections Philly:


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  • It’s Cheap! And You’ll Actually Leave With Stuff!


    For a registration fee of only $65, you get the full-day conference, one ticket to speed dating with editors, a subscription to a participating literary magazine, a book from one of our speakers.

  • Conference testimonials


    • "It was well-organized and great value for its affordable registration fee! I was inspired by how easy it was to connect with other accomplished writers and make future connections."

    • "I really enjoy the up-beat, positive atmosphere, the tone set by conference organizers that we're all in this together and everyone can get something they need/want out of the experience."

    • "The conference was a great way to poke my head out and see what else is out there and what cool new things people are doing re: marketing, style, technology, innovative approaches to publishing, etc."