Logistics for Conversations and Connections Pittsburgh 2016

Following is text  of an email sent to conference registrants on October 16, 2016: Hi Everybody — This is Dave Housley from Barrelhouse. If you’re getting this then you’re registered for Conversations and Connections: Practical Advice on Writing this Saturday at Chatham University! We’re really looking forward to seeing everybody there! This is an email […]

Starting Strong: Barrelhousing with Aubrey Hirsch

Aubrey Hirsch knows how to get a reader’s attention. “Certainty,” from her fine collection Why We Never Talk About Sugar, begins in this way: “Right from the start, Cris was pretty certain she could get me pregnant.” Another story, “The Specialists,” opens with the line, “By the end of our first day of basic, word was […]

Barrelhousing with Literary Agents Rachel Ekstrom and Andrea Somburg

We’re thrilled that agents Rachel Somburg, Rachel Ekstrom, Uwe Stender, and Danielle Chiotti joining us on October 10 for the panel “Ask the Agent: The Process of Finding and Securing a Literary Agent.” In preparation for the panel, we asked Rachel and Andrea some questions about how they got into the agenting business, the last […]

Why Attend Conversations and Connections? 9 reasons from 21 Former Attendees

We are not neutral on the question of whether people should attend Conversations and Connections: Practical Advice on Writing. This is our baby, hatched when editor Dave Housley sat next to former Barrelhouse editor and at-the-time Baltimore Review Editor Susan Muaddi-Darraj at a different, not-to-be-named, pretty crappy writer’s conference. “We can do better than this, […]